Hi everyone, how are my strong and resilient followers doing? Hope you are doing well. And if you are not, it’s okay. It’s completely fine. And if no one has said it to you, you should know that I am super proud of you. I am, genuinely!

Can you believe that we are finally entering the last month of 2020? This month has been super crazy no? We all have experienced the news of death, to the news of the birth of a newborn baby. To the news of separation to the news of corona weddings, to the news of people starting their own business to the news of how belongings of people were damaged in the rain. To the people of all age groups enjoying the rain to experiencing the damaged roads in the city. We all had different struggles but this year was all about taking good with bad. It was all about learning how to balance.

In previous articles, we discussed emotions, understood what is self-healing to understanding different types of negative emotions. We dived deep into anxiety and its types, to panic attacks, phobias and its type to cognitive distortions to depression and learning about CBT and how to apply it. You have come so far! Did you take a moment to appreciate yourself? Did you pause for a moment and gave credit to yourself how far you have come? If not so please do it right now! As we will not proceed.

Here are the following sentences you have to say to yourself ATLEAST three times before we discuss other negative emotions.

1. I am healing

2. I will let go of all the ill feelings

3. I will rise

4. I am enough

5. I choose myself

6. I believe in myself

7. I will not give up on myself

9. I am consistent in developing healthy habits 

10. Self-discipline is self-love


This is your first step towards self-love. Make a habit to say these words to yourself every time you get up. Okay?

Lots of love and prayers for you, keep swimming as in the next article we will touch on a little heavy and difficult negative emotion. And what is that? For that, you need to read the next article.

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