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Today we will shed light on another negative emotion that we can relate to in some phase of our life. Are you prone to being affected by what others, in your mind, think of you as a person, but you would love to learn otherwise?.

Well, let me tell you that YES it is possible.

For that, we first need to understand this emotion. Let me introduce you to the shadowy word SHAME!

What is Shame?

Shame is a deeply felt, painful experience that is socially driven. It’s a feeling in which we believe that we are perceived by others as being unworthy of their respect. This is possible because due to the actions we have personally or as a group taken. Or shame is also a feeling in which we hold ourselves accountable for any internal code we have broken and we judge ourselves or become too critical and hard on ourselves. This is sometimes called internal shame. 

It’s a natural progression to move from depression to shame. Because it’s linked with an irrational belief that I can be measured, rated, or judged by others. 

We are social creatures and we all want and like to be part of a group that accepts us. Therefore we don’t want anyone to find out something unpleasant about us or a situation related to us. 

Let’s find out 

few causes of shame:

1. If you have been brought up in a socially deprived area, criminal family history, or domestic or family violence. 

2. You may be ashamed of your body. Ashamed what others will think about your appearance.

3. You may find yourself in debt, bad financial standing, ashamed of your financial decisions. And hiding from your partner, family, friends, etc.

4. You might be a victim of social media trolling or shaming.

5. You may be a victim of sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse, or violence.

6. You may be a couple with infertility issues. 

7. You may be struggling with loneliness. And not found your partner and ashamed what others will think that why I am not married. 

8. You may be struggling with mental health problems like OCD, depression. Bipolar etc.

9. You may be suffering from social anxiety. What others will think if I mess up the presentation etc.

10. You may be struggling with a hidden addiction to alcohol, drugs, etc.

These were just a few of the experiences people are ashamed of. Please write to us and share if you are brave enough to let out what you are ashamed of? As in the next article, we will explore how we can manage our emotions of shame. Till then stay strong. 

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