Hi, hope all of you all are doing well and taking care of your mental health. We have covered lot of topics so far. Let’s have a brief recap on it. Well so far we have understood mental health and emotional healing, we discussed what are emotions and different types of emotions. Later we touched upon what is anxiety and types of anxieties and what are phobias and types of phobias. I also hope that you have managed to do the small assignments that were given for yourself reflection and awareness. Now it’s time to dive into the process of identifying the problem on a deeper level.

As promised that I will discuss ways of healing. And one of the most effective ways of healing is to apply the CBT technique in your life. 

So what is?

 What is the CBT technique?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment. It helps us identify our problem by breaking it down into three steps which enables us to identify our



And feelings

It is based on two simple concepts that our thoughts influence our emotions and our emotions influence behavior. So what we think affects what we feel and do in life. Also what happens to us in life doesn’t matter but how we choose to interpret it.

Albert Ellis is the great psychotherapist who came up with the ABC model.

The ABC model

A Stands for ‘activating event’. That event can be external, either present or future, or even an internal one. It refers to an event that triggers a chain of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

For example, I love a man and his family finally sent theproposal to my house and they are coming to meet me. What will happen? What if they reject me? I would feel like a failure if they do.

B stands for “belief”. The beliefs or the demands we hold about ourselves or others hold about us. These can be rational or irrational.

What will my parents think and feel they reject me? They must like me. I must not be rejected. 

C stands for consequences. It is an all-inclusive term that can include emotional and physical experiences and especially the behavioral responses that result from A and B.

Difficulty in sleeping, fatigue, the tension in muscles. 

I hope that you have developed some basic understanding of the CBT technique. How about you apply this technique? It is an important exercise towards self-healing. I am attaching a link of a worksheet that will help you to apply this technique in your daily life. If you are mother it’s a request to do this exercise with your children. 

 In the next article, we will explore CBT differently. We will discover the types of unhealthy beliefs we hold about ourselves which automatically reflects in our actions. Till then take care and don’t forget to apply CBT technique. 

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