I am an art educator, NLP coach & practitioner, Timeline therapist, meditation practitioner and mental health researcher with a specialization in teaching through arts and media.

I am a peopleu2019s person and my major strengths lie in mental health coaching, which includes anxiety and depression. I am a mediation practitioner, public speaker, documentary maker and I hold great aspirations for working with young students from all kinds of different backgrounds. My current practice includes writing articles for Femmerang on mental health under the section u201cZero Thinkingu201d and taking clients for u201cSelf healing courseu201d I introduced on Instagram page called u201chealing with t.t.

Iu2019m also part of Femmerangu2019s Mental Wellness Team. I completed my Masters in Arts Education from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. And NLP certification from American Board. My thesis was about the u201cpsychosocial issues of the young adultsu201d which helped me explore mental health issues and what methods can be applied which can lead towards self-healing. My future vision is to enable my clients to be more self-aware, find their full human potential in order to heal themselves and create productive and healthier emotional patterns form themselves