Your next read quiz

Your next read quiz   Which female author’s recent book should you pick up next? Take the below nostalgic quiz to find out!   Which one is your favorite desi snack from childhood?       Chocki Top pops Eyeglass bunties   Which 90s Pakistan television show can you still binge-watch?     Dhoop Kinare […]

Zero Thinking

Hi everybody, how are you feeling? In the previous article, we discussed what is guilt and types of guilt. If you are struggling with guilt then let’s explore what are the underlining causes regarding it and how can we manage it?  Guilt exists due to the fixed irrational belief that you should have known what […]

Zero Thinking

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Prayers for my readers who consciously make effort for their healing and well-being. Today we will be exploring another unhealthy negative emotion. This emotion can be very destructive and lead to self-harm as well. This emotion is linked with the emotion we discussed earlier in the articles, that […]


During the Pandemic in 2020, we had no choice but to bid farewell to our daily and regular social and work responsibilities. In short, we all found ourselves spending more time at home with a great deal of free time on our hands. Not only did it give everyone a break but allowed us all […]

From The CEO’s DESK -19th Jan 2021

  Hello Dear Friends, We have left the past behind. Let’s hope the past has gone with all its ugliness and hardships. Let’s pray that this year is bringing brighter days ahead. We all have worked really hard and lost so much in this last year. However, it hasn’t all been bad. There were moments […]

From The Femmerang CEO’s Desk December 5, 2020

I am so proud of each and every one of you . Our femmerang team has been trying our best to bring the most useful information to our dear readers. These past months have not been easy. 2020 has been so difficult. We have been tried and tested in the worst ways possible. Everything has […]


I fell in love First, I fell in love all at once I fell in love with every word uttered from their lips To hear the sweet symphony of his voice The melody Was so beloved to me Then, I fell in love slowly Years and years of service, gratitude, and grace Transfixed my eyes […]

From The CEO’s Desk

From The CEO’s Desk Hello friends, hope you have been well; if there is one prayer I could make for you it would be that Allah blesses you all with content of the heart. Isn’t that the greatest gift? So much happens in our lives that we have no control over, we worry and fret […]

If ‘All The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven was a Pakistani show

All The Bright Places is one of the most celebrated novels of Jennifer Niven. It focuses on issues of mental health and depression through the story of Finch & Violet, from Indiana. But how would the story be different if it was a mainstream Pakistani drama serial? The encounter: It would start off a little […]

Should I get married in secret?

Dear         ہمراز My parents want me to marry someone from my baba’s family. I met him years ago. Now I met him again three months ago when they gave the Rishta. He’s not a bad person, but I don’t know him or his family. Everyone is in a hurry to accept the Rishta and say […]