An eloquent, diligent and conscientious Psychologist| Counselor who is vivid enough to know when to shift gears since she endorses the fact that every mind is unique and this results in maximum client engagement during all her sessions.u00a0

A hall of fame receiver during her college life, Saira is an inspiring counselor who graduated from one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan be it Kinnaird or be it QAU. The journey did not end here as sheu2019s not only practicing but also continues to serve as a Lecturer since 2013 and is continuing to satisfy her quest for learning in the domain of clinical practice lately.u00a0

She is personable, always prepared for each day; she believes that the payoff of being a warm, motivated and empathetic psychologist is enormous. Her affiliation with Femmerang has been fruitful for our female clientele. She believes that one should seriously address all concerns related to psychological wellbeing and peace of mind the way he or she would cater the physical ailments.u00a0

Be it maladjustment, daily life stressors or some serious disorders, sheu2019s here among our very capable panel of persuasive therapists at Femmerang to help you lead a better life.