Karen McManus or Holly Jackson?


Choose this or that for your favorite desi dessert and I will suggest which YA author you should read next; Karen McManus or Holly Jackson.

1. Gulab Jamun or Cham Cham?

Source: Facebook
  1. Gulab Jamun
  2. Cham Cham

2. Gajjar or Sooji ka Halwa?

Source: Cook’s Hideout
  1. Gajjar ka Halwa
  2. Sooji ka Halwa

3. Sheer Khurma or Sewaiyan?

Source: Cukzy
  1. Sheer Khurma
  2. Sewaiyan

4. Rabri or Kheer?

Source: YouTube
  1. Rabri
  2. Kheer

5. Rasmalai or Jalebi?

Source: TripAdvisor
  1. Rasmalai
  2. Jalebi

6. Bombay Bakery’s Chocolate or Coffee cake?

Source: Worldorgs.com
  1. Chocolate
  2. Coffee

7. Kulfi or Falooda?

Source: Rasoi Restaurant
  1. Kulfi
  2. Falooda

If you got mostly…You should read:
aKaren McManus
While you lack patience, you are very curious by nature and love exploring things in depth. McManus’ fast paced reads with multiple POVs are the perfect pick for you!
bHolly Jackson
You love it when you are able to connect the dots and everything just makes sense. You are a true feminist and stronger believer of equality. You will most definitely enjoy reading one of the strongest female protagonists in YA mystery invented by Holly Jackson.

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