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Which female author’s recent book should you pick up next? Take the below nostalgic quiz to find out!


  1. Which one is your favorite desi snack from childhood?

Your next read quiz




  1. Chocki
  2. Top pops
  3. Eyeglass bunties


  1. Which 90s Pakistan television show can you still binge-watch?

Your next read quiz



  1. Dhoop Kinare
  2. Tanhaiyan
  3. Alpha Bravo Charlie


  1. Music band from the 90s you are still a fan of?

Your next read quiz



  1. Jal 
  2. Junoon
  3. Vital Signs



  1. When outdoor games used to be a thing, which one could you never get bored of?



  1. Kho Kho
  2. Hopscotch 
  3. Baraf pani


  1. Which popular app do you miss using?



  1. Orkut
  2. BBM
  3. MSN messenger


  1. Who doesn’t like cartoons? Which one of the three makes you instantly nostalgic?



  1. Tom & Jerry 
  2. The Powerpuff Girls
  3. Johnny Bravo


  1. What was your biggest flex back in childhood?



  1. Playing ring-toss game
  2. Owning shaka laka boom boom pencil
  3. Shoes with flashy lights



If you got mostly:

a’s: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab: Historical fiction about a young immortal who is cursed to get forgotten by everyone she meets but 300-years later, someone remembers her…


b’s: Home Body by Rupi Kaur: A wonderful collection of short poems by the renowned Rupi Kaur. Powerful words not to be missed…


c’s: The Switch by Beth O’Leary: The perfect cure for a bad day! You will convulse with laughter as witty Grandma Eileen and workaholic granddaughter Leena (who badly needs a vacay) switch places… 


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