1. Food: Elaichi in biryani or biscuit breaking in chai?

  1. Elaichi in biryani
  2. Biscuit breaking in chai


2. Wedding: Tailor ruining your outfit a day before or a zit popping up on the day?

  1. Tailor ruining outfit a day before
  2. Zit popping on the day


3. Drama: Favorite character dying or favorite couple breaking up?

  1. Favorite character dying
  2. Favorite couple breaking up


4. Travel: PIA delaying the flight or receiving your new luggage bag without handle?

  1. Delayed flight
  2. Broken bags 


5. Music/movie: Childhood favorite song ruined by remix or a bad book adaptation?

  1. Favorite song ruined by remix
  2. Bad book adaptation


6. Apps: Which app ban would be worse?

  1. YouTube 
  2. Netflix


7. Lifetyle: What’s worse? Load shedding in garmi or cold water in taps in sardi?

  1. Loadshedding
  2. Cold water


Despite just Pakistani things, Dil Dil Pakistan, Jaan Jaan Pakistan!


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