Lunch with Harry Potter or Dinner with Draco Malfoy?

What would you do in the below situations? Choose either option and know whether you’re having lunch with Harry Potter or dinner with Draco Malfoy!


1. Your food order is running late. How do you react?

  1. Wait patiently…
  2. SCREAM! And call the café for constant updates!


2. The outfit you’ve been eyeing since long is on sale. Pass or buy?

  1. Save money to buy something else
  2. Definitely getting it


3. You bought a new car. What’s the first thing you do?

  1. Call my best friend and take him/her on a drive
  2. Post on Instagram (first things first)!


4. Your cousin is showing off his new phone. What’s your reaction?

  1. Compliment his choice 
  2. You’ve got better stuff!


5. Covid-19 has finally ended! What’s the first thing you’d do?

  1. Have a house party
  2. Go on a solo vacation


6. Pakistan seems to be losing a cricket match. Do you keep on watching or turn if off?

  1. Still hopeful, they might win!
  2. Nahh! What’s the point of watching if my team’s gonna lose!?


7. Spend long weekend resorting at DreamWorld (Khi) or mountain trekking in the northern areas?

  1. DreamWorld
  2. Northern Areas


8. You’re moving to a new country. What’s the first thing you search up?

  1. Weather updates
  2. Number of malls in the locality 


9. You’re now coming to visit your family from abroad. What’s most of your luggage filled with?

  1. Gifts for everyone in Pakistan
  2. My clothes (what else?)


If you got mostly:


A’s: You’re going for lunch with Harry Potter! You spend a good amount of time talking about sports, food & friends!


B’s: You’re going for dinner with Draco Malfoy! You spend a good amount of time talking about work, family and shopping!


Sanya Mithani is a content writer at Femmerang. She’s a lifestyle Instagram blogger passionate about books. Follow her on Instagram @bookshelf.and.closet.


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