2021 has already brought a lot of new dramas on our screens along with some continued from 2020. Which ones are you following and how well do you know these dramas? Take the Pakistani drama quiz to find out!


1. What genre is the new drama ‘Chalawa’?

Chalawa drama Quiz

  1. Crime
  2. Horror 
  3. Fantasy 

2. What’s the name of Haider’s (Bilal Abbas’) elder brother in ‘Dunk’?

Dunk Pakistani drama quiz

  1. Haadi
  2. Asfand
  3. Safeer


3. Which drama’s OST are these lines from?

Pakistani drama ost Quiz

‘Kabhi main dekhoon,
Kabhi main sochoin
Yeh duniya kya kuch bhi nahi hai…’


  1. Qayamat
  2. Aulaad
  3. Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida


4, Which societal issue is drama ‘Qayamat’ mainly dealing with?

Drama Quizzes

  1. Dowry system
  2. Mental health
  3. Domestic violence


5. In the new drama serial ‘Faryaad’, which Pakistani actor is playing a negative role?

Frayaad drama

  1. Naveed Raza
  2. Adeel Chaudary
  3. Zahid Ahmad 


6. Boasting episode count of more than 70, tell us what Fariya from ‘Fitrat’, asked Shahbaz in exchange for his daughter’s custody?

Pakistani Drama Quiz

  1. Hefty amount of money
  2. Property
  3. Remarriage


7. Drama serial ‘Nand’ was the talk of town and was being compared to Indian dramas. Why?

Pakistani Drama Quiz

  1. Doosra janam
  2. Plastic surgery
  3. Extensive dramatization


8. What kind of girl does Moosa from ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’ wants to marry?

Pakistani Drama Quiz

  1. Pious
  2. Beautiful
  3. Confident


9. What’s the relationship between Shahmeer & Mikaal from ‘Dulhan’?

Pakistani Drama Quiz

  1. Best friends
  2. Colleagues
  3. Cousins


10. Which cliché trope does ‘Qaraar’ primarily revolves around?

Pakistani Drama Quiz

  1. Enemies to lovers
  2. Love triangle
  3. Rich girl/poor boy 


Drama Quiz Answers:


1. Horror 6. Remarriage
2. Safeer 7. Plastic surgery
3. Aulaad 8. Pious 
4. Domestic violence 9. Cousins
5. Zahid Ahmad 10. Love triangle


If you got:

0-3 correct = you need to watch more dramas!

4-6 correct = almost there! But, there are some great dramas you’ve missed out!

7-10 correct = you are a true drama fanatic!


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