Femmerang is proudly collaborating with Iyzil – Pakistan’s First Smart Female Security Solution. Together we are ensuring that women can ‘Feel Safe’ &‘Stay Safe’.

Iyzil is designed solely to make all women in Pakistan ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe’ everywhere 24/7. They can get instant help in case of an emergency from their Personal Responders and from Iyzil’s Professional Monitoring Center. Iyzil is indeed a true ‘Fearless Companion’ for all women in Pakistan!

Iyzil – A Female Security Solution For Everyone

Women’s safety concerns are in every household in Pakistan. The biggest hurdle between women and their aspirations is permission. From parents to brothers to guardians, the safety unease comes from a place of deep insecurity. Sending daughters to study in another city, letting women drive alone, living alone, traveling alone in Pakistan, families would think several times before permitting something like that. In Pakistan, parents are more concerned about the safety of their daughters; so is the case with brothers who are protective about their sisters, and husbands who are always concerned about the Safety and Security of their wives. In a similar manner, parents hesitate to send their daughters out of the city for their education or job, women are not preferred to drive alone, live alone, or even travel alone in the country.

Iyzil will help families feel less worried and will allow females to ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe’. In addition, females can always stay connected with their loved ones.

Iyzil’s Professional Monitoring Service

In addition to the Personal Responders, the Iyzil App is fully integrated with a Professional Monitoring Service that will not only help the female user at the time of the incident but will also inform security agencies and report the incident. Female users, who are alone, will feel safer in unknown territories. In case of emergencies or in time of need, all they need to do is to trigger their panic button (By Shaking their phone, Pressing the Volume Button Thrice, or pressing the in-app Panic Button ).

You can download Iyzil from the Google Play Store now!

Femmerang is a platform that is providing a safe space for women to interact and bring up issues that are important to them. Femmerang is curating practical information and tips from experts and training videos for the well-being and wellness of women from all walks of life.

Femmerang believes in collaborating with more women empowerment initiatives across the country in the future. 

We collaborate because we believe every woman has a right to feel safe and stay safe.

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