“Love” for FemmeRang.com

I fell in love

First, I fell in love all at once

I fell in love with every word uttered from their lips

To hear the sweet symphony of his voice

The melody

Was so beloved to me

Then, I fell in love slowly

Years and years of service, gratitude, and grace

Transfixed my eyes and and made me blind

To all others

I blushed

When he spoke

Like the sun in all of its Magnificent glory

I could not look directly at him

He made me laugh

And when I did my heart skipped a beat

So palpably that I thought to myself

Did anyone else notice?

Time passes yet this love burns so bright

In silence

And we plan

And God plans

And by Allāh, Allah is the best of planners

But still A prick of sadness

when life moves on

And he moves on

Recalibration Introspection Reflection



I come to realize with my eyes wide

Why I fell in love

It wasn’t his infectious laugh

The way he spoke

Or even what he looked like

I was wrong the whole time I was looking at the outside not looking inward

I fell in love and it was

The Quran in his heart

The Sunnah on his tongue

The Akhlaq in his life

And with that I let go of

My love of the outside shell

And search for a love

With purpose

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