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Im No Hero

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Hello, my lovelies, so I sit here trying to understand just about everything. Do you see the flames around us, or are you also trying to shut your eyes to it and hoping everything will pass? Not because you don’t care but just because you don’t know which end to grab. Which part of our incredible world should we try and protect for our children? So, we take our kids, our little life, and hide in a corner from the big bad wolf, hoping we will stay lost in the forest and he will never find us. Always afraid, always looking over our shoulders, always waiting for our turn. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This is our life in a nutshell. We are trying to escape every single moment that scares us or makes us feel uncomfortable. Here we are, trying to live as uncomplicated lives as possible, and it feels everything bad and questionable keeps coming at us. Our innate response is to run, but we end up freezing. Frozen in that exact moment, hoping we won’t be noticed, hoping it won’t be our turn. Praying that we won’t be next. 

The moment that we thought we would triumph and be the heroes of our own stories has been reduced to us being the same as everyone else. We see this every day. We see it in our everyday lives, on social media, and even in the news. Someone is a hero somewhere, and we are us. Not making stories, not making the ground shake. 

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The fear is real; being lost is real as well. Having to protect and keep our world and our families is real as well and extremely necessary. Im not going to tell you that you are a hero because you go to bed every day saving your family from every bad thing in the world and wake up with shields ready to defend them from whatever may come. You should already know that. That’s enough. 

Nevertheless, if you are one of those people who wants more, let me explain that those heroic people didn’t just decide and become that way overnight. There was fear, sleepless nights, many failures, disputes, and the support of a large group of very strong and loyal people that got them to the point that you see them there. Even now, they falter. They make mistakes. They have issues just like we do. They find it hard to keep up with the ever-changing world and the fears it brings. 

Like you, though, they are up every morning to try and live another day. That is what we are all doing, just trying to survive the day in front of us. Even if you feel you need more, start with one goal and keep that in your mind every day. Let the big bad wolf follow you; you’re smarter than to let him catch up to you. Even he knows you’re a hero. Why else does he lurk in the same woods as those of us who are struggling with who we are? Because he fears we might find out how important we are and we might start to believe in ourselves. And the big bad can’t have that, can it?

If you want to discuss something personal reach out to wellness@femmerang.com and we will get your situation sorted out the best we can. If you want to write an open letter to Dearحمراز, which is me Mahvishakhtar@femmerang.com. Maybe in finding your answers you might be able to help others as well. 

Before you do any of that let me tell you how much the crew and I appreciate and love you. We wouldn’t be able to continue without the love and interest you show.

In the meantime you look after yourselves, ya hear?

Ma’ asalaama

Mahvish Akhtar

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