Hello friends, hope you have been well; if there is one prayer I could make for you it would be that Allah blesses you all with content of the heart. Isn’t that the greatest gift? So much happens in our lives that we have no control over, we worry and fret over every  uncontrollable, unsolvable part of our lives. I wish we could just accept life the way it is. I wish we could just leave be what cannot be changed.

Now don’t confuse this with making change, don’t confuse this with having to work hard for what needs to change and what we need to struggle to change. We have to work for that, that is what we are all here to do. We will no doubt accomplish what we have set out to do. However, we cannot get on with the real work unless we close those open doors and windows bringing in ghosts that are whispering bitter sweets, in the end all that is left is bitter.

Let’s help each other move on. Speaking on moving on, do I need to remind you that we have great content on the website almost every week and we are bringing great material to you on our YouTube channel as well. If you are liking what we already have, just keep waiting and watching, reading, there is a lot more coming.

Yes I plug shamelessly because we work tirelessly.

Stay in good health and good spirits and as always tell me more of what you want to read and see. My job is to give you what you want.

In the mean you look after yourselves, ya hear?

Ma’a asalaama

Mahvish Akhtar

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