Hello, all you lovelies, hope all is well—Post Eid Mubarak to Everyone. Over here at Femmeرنگ, we are moving on swimmingly. Times are tough I tell you, what makes it better for us is knowing that you all are here supporting us. Your love and encouragement mean everything.

Slowly we are growing and bringing more and more material to you. What you see on the website is not all you will see. In the coming weeks/months, we will grow and keep adding content. We wanted to start up the site when we did because we knew we were ready. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have more. We wanted to give our team as much time as they needed to prepare to be able to put out the best content that they possibly can. Let me tell you they are working hard. The stuff coming up is fantastic.

Our youtube channel has some great Vloggers delivering awesome shows to watch. I am sure you are keeping up with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest because we will keep informing you of what’s happening on the website through those platforms.

On the website, we have reviews, articles, a new advice column, news about current events, games, quizzes, and so much more that you will have to go to, to find out. We update the site every week, so you’re challenge will be to keep up with us. I have so much more to say to you guys, and I must pace myself here. There will be a next time.

Ma’a asalaama
You look after yourselves, ya hear?
Mahvish Akhtar

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