Hello my dearest fellow humans, times are rough are they not? We had so many hopes for the new year. We put so much into it. We put so much into the coming times and the expected changes from it. We wanted so much to happen. We didn’t realize or understand that time is time. It is always the same. What has to change is us. The thing that brings the change in the world or in ourselves in our will to want it to happen. 

This time though we were exhausted. Too much had happened. We had tried too much. We were doing too much. We expected time to fix itself. How was that supposed to even look likes. Day turns into night, night turns into morning and that is the system. It is only our will and our hard work that makes situations different. 

The work is hard, the world is ours however. We need to make sure we don’t lose it. Things are starting to get better. They will keep getting better and we will keep trying to work at it. We are a resilient bunch, especially us women. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. We go through so much on a daily basis. If we can handle all of that we can handle anything else that the world is going to throw at us. 

Believe it or not we have nature on our side. We have the world against us but our CREATOR the one who has made us strong and capable. Had we not been so strong we would not have made it through all the craziness we face all the time.

This is nothing my sisters. 2020 and 2021 has nothing on us. Buckle up and lets do what we do best, fight for what we know we need to protect. How about it?

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Looking forward to hearing from you. 


In the meantime you look after yourselves, ya hear?

Ma’ asalaama

Mahvish Akhtar


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