By Humera Belal

Today we are talking about Singaporean rice, I am assuming its a singaporean dish. A perfect weekend meal, but be prepared to wash a lot of pots and pans, but trust me when I say its all going to be worth it.

Its a dish made of layers of rice,mayonnaise sauce spaghetti, stir fried vegetables and chicken.

A perfect blend for a  indo- chinese dish.

First, rice is boiled with salt and then stirred with a teaspoon of oil.

Noodles are boiled with salt and then mixed a with tablespoon of oil so they don’t stick to each other.

Cut your veggies, broccoli, onion, carrot and cabbage.

Vegetables lightly stir-fried to maintain their firmness and crispiness, I am sure nobody likes a mushy mess.

Stir fry the noodles

Chicken marinated with egg, flour, cornflour and seasoning.



Then layer everything with the mayo sauce.



2 cups rice

1 packet noodles


1+1 tsp oil

*For the chicken*

500gm boneless chicken cut into cubes

Cornflour 2Tbsp

Flour 2tsp

Salt 1tsp

Egg 1

Black pepper 1tsp

Red chilli flakes 1Tbsp

*For the Vegetables*

Broccoli  1 small floret cut into small flowers

Onions 2 diced

Capsicum 2 julienne cut

Cabbages 1 small finley finely diced 

Carrots 2 diced

3 Tbsp olive/ sesame oil

Soya sauce 2 Tbsp

Vinegar 1 Tbsp

Chilli sauce 1 Tbsp

Chilli garlic sauce 1 Tbsp

White pepper 1 Tsp

*For the mayo sauce*

1 cup mayonnaise 

1/3 cup ketchup

Salt 1/2 tsp

Hot sauce 1tsp

Black oepper 1/2 tsp


Butter 2Tbsp

Green chillies 3 chopped

Garlic cloves 3 cloves finely sliced

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