Hi everyone, I am sure you all are doing well. And I am hoping that you all are taking care of yourself in this holy month. I call it the special self-care month. Why? Because we make sure or at least try to do those activities that we were designed to do. We truly tap into ourselves and listen to our souls.


And in the process of finding yourself, do you ever feel that no one understands you? or loves you? And you feel super alone? If you are in a crowd YET you feel isolated? If YES then this article will help you to know yourself better.


Today we will try to understand one unhealthy and most common emotion that is loneliness. We come into this world through connection. We come into this world by receiving security and connection from our mothers. We cannot understand the difference between them and ourselves as it’s a state of oneness. So it never occurs to us to ask ourselves the big question that “Who am I? And as we grow up and separate we feel alone.


Let us take a moment to appreciate yourself if you dare to ask this question to yourself. The big question that “Who am I?” That means you did experience detachment or separation that lead you to ask yourself. Which made you feel lonely, alone, or isolated.


What is loneliness?

To understand loneliness, we need to understand separation. Separation is the heart of all loneliness. In simpler words, separation takes place when we start to differentiate and recognize self-vs. others. Which is the birthplace of ego. Disconnecting with oneself, causes us to separate off from certain parts of ourselves. When we reject or disown parts of ourselves we feel intense loneliness and isolation and rejection within us feel.


Loneliness as two further components is Shame and Fear which we will discover in the next article.


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