We all are totally loving the characters and fast-paced story of Mohlat drama airing on Geo these days. But, we are loving the two male characters from Mohlat even more – Dawar and Essa! Take the below quiz to find out who will you be going to for chai with from the two Mohlat boys!

1. What does getting married mean to you?

a. Spending your life with someone you love

b. Something that the society expects us you to do

2. If you have to pick one, you’ll pick…

a. Bahir ki degree

b. Bahir ki nationality

3. You know someone’s secret. What do you do?

a. Enquire if it’s true

b. You cannot care less

4. Where do you expect to meet your “soul-mate”?

a. Ghar ki shaadi

b. Somewhere exotic where you meet them by fate

5. What would you call dangerous?

a. Hiding something extremely important from your family

b. Sneaking into a friend’s house at midnight

6. My flaw is…

a. I cannot keep the promises/commitments I make

b. I do not speak up when I should at times, knowing the consequences

7. Where do you think you will end up spending all your money, if you ever won a lottery?

a. Philanthropic work

b. Things that scream luxury and lavishness

After taking the quiz, if you got:

Mostly a’s: You’re going on a chai date with Dawar from Mohlat. Mind you, he is a great listener and will give solutions to your problems. Most of them will involve dealing with them with patience and persistence.

Mostly b’s: You’re going on a chai date with Essa from Mohlat. This rendezvous will be very engaging. You will exchange exciting stories, laugh out loud and have delicious food too (with your chai, of course)!


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