Now it’s time to check if you’re a true Pakistani or not!

Check the number of times you have clicked (b). If you got:

1-4 – Not really!

5-7 – Somewhat Pakistani (dil se)!

8-10 – True Pakistani!

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[IT_EPOLL id=”3765″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3769″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3773″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3776″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3779″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3782″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3785″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3788″][/IT_EPOLL]
[IT_EPOLL id=”3791″][/IT_EPOLL]

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