Phaans drama, airing on Hum TV network, starring Sami Khan, Zara Noor Abbas and Shehzad Sheikh recently ended and I was impressed with the last episode!

The drama revolved around story of a young girl, Zeba who was sexually assaulted by an influentialu2019s son, Sahil (Shehzad Sheikh), who pretended to be mentally ill (acted like a child) for years, making Zebau2019s (Zara Noor Abbas) story unbelievable. Seeking justice, she faced many hurdles but did not give up!u00a0

Here are the top three lessons I learnt from Phaansu2019s finale!

A mother is a woman first

When Sahilu2019s mother (Arjumand Rahim) became aware of his pretense and deceit, she decided to help Zeba get justice rather than defending her own son – a decision that requires a lot of courage.u00a0

Throughout the episodes, Sahilu2019s mother was called off and even declared as a mental health patient for not taking her sonu2019s side but she strongly believed in supporting the truth rather tha

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