Hello there everyone, we have not connected in a while. We have all been a little preoccupied, haven’t we? What have you guys been up to? What has kept you guys sane through this crazy and unpredictable time? Seem like an unending energy-sucking life force, doesn’t it? Can you tell me that I’ve been watching too much TV? Science fiction at that. We do what we can, right? Everyone has their own ways of dealing with whatever life throws at us.

Let’s talk about something a little bit happier. A little bit more positive that we CAN handle these unpredictable times. Ramadan is coming up. Actually, by the time you read this, we will be in the middle of this. We will be trying our best to be the best at what we should be striving towards every day no matter what month it is. This month comes for a reason. This month gives us hope to be better for a reason. Let’s make the best of it; we can try and not let the times that we are intake that away from us.

We talk about so many issues and problems with our website. We also talk about how to solve those problems. Here in this space, however, it’s just you and me talking about what I feel like I need to tell you about what I feel to be important information. This feels like one of those times.

Ramadan is definitely a time of bettering ourselves but it also a time of forgiveness. Not just for forgiving others, we need to forgive ourselves for our shortcomings and for feeling like we don’t measure up. That feeling that we are not enough or that we could be better or doing more will always nag us but we can’t let that stop us from achieving what we need to.

I will tell you a personal story to help you understand what I mean. Some of you might be able to relate to it. I have a chronic illness because of which I am not able to fast. This puts me in a league of my own. When I say a “league of my own I mean a league of feeling completely inadequate and incomplete as a Muslim. Every year when Ramadan comes I try.

I wake up for Suhur, I adjust the timing for my medication according to the timing of the fast and within a day I am in a condition where either I have to break my fast or I barely make it through the first one. I keep trying throughout the month but it usually ends the same way. I know I cant fast and I have given up on being able to last a whole month. I’m lucky if I get a whole day. The guilt, however of not being able to do something that a natural part of people’s lives and an understood part of being a Muslim weighs on me.

Im here to tell everyone who is like me. Whether it’s because of a physical problem or because of a mental problem because those are just as valid, you are doing just fine and you are not alone. Also, forgive yourself so you can focus on the things that you can successfully do. The Ibada that is possible for us that can get us to the same level of everyone else wo fasts because we are just as devoted and committed to this month and to our connection with Allah.

Always remember this month is about strengthening our connection with Allah, as long we can do that in an honest way lets not hold ourselves back with our guilt and burden that was not given to us by the ONE that loves us and had created so much ease for us.

Let’s be real with ourselves and be real with our creator and let everything else fall in place. This month has a lot to give. Take it in whatever form its ready to give to us.

I hope some of this made sense and at least some of it was helpful.

Until next time, y’all look after yourselves ya hear?

Ma salama

Mahvish Akhtar

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