Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well and enjoyed eid. But in this process did you get some time to reflect on the previous article? We discussed fear of abandonment and its types. Let us reflect on the cause of fear of abandonment.

The fear of abandonment is mainly due to being physically or emotionally abandoned in the past. For example

Top Causes of fear of Abandonment

A child who may have experienced parental neglect, death, or abandonment from a parent. Or may have experienced rejection from peers or faced prolonged illness of a loved one. Or a romantic partner may have left you suddenly or behaved in an untrustworthy manner. One or more than such events might have taken place in someone’s life. Such events can lead to a fear of abandonment.



Long-term effects of fear of abandonment

Examples of fear of abandonment

People who have fear of abandonment don’t allow themselves to get close. They may think, “No attachment, no abandonment.”

Exercises to heal the fear of abandonment

Once you recognize your fear of abandonment, there are some things you can do to begin healing.

Hope these steps help you. Moreover, it would be great if you can listen to daily self-love and compassion mediation. As a healthy reminder to yourself. Until next time, love yourself, spread love.

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