1. Talk, be prepared to talk your heart out about your feelings and emotions, that is how your therapist will know how to help you and move forward.
  2. Overwhelmed, you may experience an over whelming feeling before, during or even after sessions, because of the things you and your therapist talk about so give yourself time to let it sink in or even process those feelings and let your therapist know of it.
  3. Ask questions, you may have questions, don’t hesitate to ask those questions even if it is about your own progress or even ask your therapist to help you review your sessions.
  4. Team process, the only way therapy will work is if you make it work, it is an active process between the patient and psychologist so be ready to put in the effort.
  5. Its confidential, whatever you and your therapist discuss will remain between you two, with a few exceptions which the therapist will initially tell you, but remain confident and don’t hold back something that you keep because in the long run that may be the reason why you are not making progress.
  6. Not every therapist is the same, you may decide that a particular therapist does not suit your needs or is not compatible and that is perfectly fine, usually an initial free consultation is for this purpose to get to know the tone between two people and then continue.
  7. There is no cure, Mental illness is different than any other illness because it simply does not go away with just a pill, it requires constant effort that you put towards yourself as well as your therapist’s efforts to help you give guidelines, on how you can improve.
  8. Aha moments , you may have some real AHA moments where you realize how some things can be done differently with your thoughts and behaviour which in turn can also positively impact your physical health as well.
  9. It does get better, some days you may feel that you’re not getting anything out of it but the work that you and your psychologist put into the sessions will pay off. So, don’t let it discourage you.
  10. Your therapist will not give you advice, psychologist are not trained to give you advice rather they objectively conceptualize and help you overcome the spots in yourself that you do not see and that in turn will help you make more sound decisions in your life, but if your going to ask a psychologist what you should do than you are out of luck!

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