Femmeحال Sessions:

These sessions were put together for women to give them a place where we could sit in talk to each other. We wanted to have a place where there is no judgement. We wanted to create a safe and caring atmosphere to all females so that we could feel bonded and secure in the knowledge
that we will be understood and not mocked or belittled for our problems that might not seem big or important to the outside world.
Since we have all walks of life in this group, it is easy to get emotional and even practical help for our issues and problems. We are living in a very real world, which has confronting some really real problems. However, we are not allowed to deal with those problems and get help for them in a real way. Luckily for us, we have many educated and learned women who know
exactly how to help.
In these sessions we have talked about helping our minds and healing out spirit. We have talked about finding solutions that are more action based, be it little or big. Everything counts; We will be here to guide you. The FemmeFamily, is here. We will keep having these sessions and we will
keep updating you here on what we discussed in each session and you can tell us how you can help.
From the Femmeحال Team.

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