FemmeHaal Session2


What are Gender Roles I. OVERVIEW Gender roles are sets of culturally defined behaviors such as masculinity and femininity. In most cultures this binary division of gender is roughly associated with biological sex—male or female. There is much variation within the categories of the masculine and the feminine, both in terms of the possible presentations […]

Femmehaal Session1


What are coping skills? What is your first reaction in the face of sudden stress? Do you make a plan to overcome it? Talk it out with your friends? Avoid confronting the situation? Or try to hide the fear by resorting to comfort food or other substances? There are so many different ways of adapting […]

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Simple & Clear Composition

These sessions were put together for women to give them a place where we could sit in talk to each other. We wanted to have a place where there is no judgement. We wanted to create a safe and caring atmosphere to all females so that we could feel bonded and secure in the knowledgethat […]