During the Pandemic in 2020, we had no choice but to bid farewell to our daily and regular social and work responsibilities. In short, we all found ourselves spending more time at home with a great deal of free time on our hands. Not only did it give everyone a break but allowed us all a chance to focus on things we never spared time for; it allowed so many women to work on something. A breakthrough came a couple of months after the virus’s outbreak when social media showed a rise in home-based businesses, especially by women. Not only did this give these women a chance to earn but it also gave them a chance to reach their full potential. Here’s why women should take up this excellent opportunity and open a home-based business themselves.

Easily Manageable at Home

With a halt in our daily commute and social obligations, women have the advantage of ample free time on their hands. So, this provides you with the best opportunity to work and plan solely on opening your own business and that too at your own house! You can devise the complete business plan with ease. Now’s the best time! The major benefit is that home-businesses are easy to manage with other personal responsibilities be it academic responsibilities or family related.

Different Experiments

Owing to the free time on account of the pandemic, you can experiment with lots of things. Make a list of all your hobbies and things you’re good at: baking, cooking, art, writing, teaching, embroidery and the list goes on. Try to find something you’d be able to sell and experiment endlessly with it. For example, in the case of baking and cooking it’s possible to experiment with different recipes and different cuisines. Always remember, it’s okay to make mistakes because that’s where you’ll learn the most. In the end, you will be sure of what you want to work on exactly.


Be Your Own Boss

The best part is- You are your own boss! You get to decide your working hours, your strategies and everything regarding your business is solely your own choice.

You get to do what you like.

You can do it whenever you want to.

Also, you decide wherever you want to work.

All three things combined will make the work even more exciting. The biggest plus point is that you don’t have to follow anyone else’s orders.

 Passion & Following Your Dream

Running your own business is undoubtedly an excellent way of doing what you love- you get to work on things you are passionate about. Sadly, this can hardly ever be achieved if you work for someone else or some other enterprise. So, with your own startup you can work on your crazy, new and unique ideas and introduce them to the world as well.

Spending Money

Once you establish your own successful start-up, there will inevitably be cash coming in; you will be earning your own hard-earned money. Financial independence is the best gift a woman can give herself and this is an excellent source of achieving that milestone in your life. Consider that extra money a gift from you to yourself and go spend it. Buy that expensive sweater you liked, take yourself out for a fancy lunch, the list can go on. Also, you can always spend the money you earn on re-investing in your business- your own efforts will go on into expanding your enterprise.

Saving Money

One major lesson COVID-19 has taught us is how crucial savings are for a secure future. Thus, with your own business not only do you get to spend on yourself, but you get to build up on your savings. Financial independence followed by financial security gives women a lot more power than even they themselves realize. It will become easier to increase your savings by keeping aside a small proportion of your monthly earnings.

Chances of Growth

We must not forget that large businesses once started small and, in many cases, they started at home. A major example and inspiration can be taken from the brand “Shan Foods” which initially started as a home-based business in 1981 (part of the cottage industry). Today, it is a leading and internationally recognized and in demand brand. Therefore, you must never hesitate to implement your unique ideas as you always have the chance of growing in the future.

Learning Environment

Starting up and running a business provides a learning opportunity and a learning environment. It’s hard to imagine intense learning while you’re at home; but surprisingly you can still learn a lot. The planning and execution of the business venture teaches time discipline as deliveries on time are crucial for your business’s success. Not just that you get to directly interact with your customers and build a healthy work relationship; something impossible otherwise.

You’re an Entrepreneur 

Yes, you get to call yourself an entrepreneur! Never think of yourself as anything less as you completely qualify as one. Fun fact: In the Bollywood movie “English Vinglish”, Sridevi was a housewife who made and sold home-made ‘ladoos’ (sweetmeats) herself and was quite popular for those. However, she never knew or acknowledged the fact that she ran a business until a foreigner told her that she was an ‘entrepreneur’ when she went on a trip abroad. It’s sad how women need to seek external validation to recognize their full potential, but you don’t need any of that. No matter how big or small your business is, you are nothing less than an entrepreneur. Thus, women must never hesitate to call themselves that.

Motivation to work

Besides having all the advantages of running your own business yourself, this also allows you to become a source of motivation for other women around you. With your experiences and expertise, you can fully and completely guide other women who want to take their step towards financial independence but are hesitant to do so. By helping other women around you, indirectly you will be fulfilling a social responsibility. There is nothing better than a more empowered society where women build each other up.

Supporting Others

With financial independence and security comes great benefits to one’s own self but apart from that you get to support and influence plenty of other lives attached to you; you can support your own parents, children etc. without depending on anyone else. You can also play a huge role in influencing the lives of other women by purchasing from their small and newly established businesses. Your small purchase might be insignificant to a large firm but might mean everything to a small business. In your own way, you can play your part in making the world a better place with your little efforts. Your small business can lay the basis of supporting other small businesses around you, especially those run by women.

These are few of the major potential benefits of running one’s own home-based business. We aim to motivate all women to start-up their own entrepreneurship, especially during the current situation. Next up, we will provide a complete guide of how to start a self-run and home-based business. Stay tuned!


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