By Saira Majid

  1. Therapy can reduce physical symptoms and boost your physical health.
  2. It can help people develop and foster passion, productivity, and balance in their lives.
  3. Therapy helps you untangle years of confusion and turmoil—and change unhealthy patterns.
  4. Therapy brings the benefit of a broader awareness to life, to not get wrapped up in a single way of living.
  5. It will give you a whole new perspective on other people.
  6. Talking about things gives them shape.
  7. You know you’re not alone.
  8. It will rewire your brain.
  9. It enables you to cope with daily life stressors on your own.
  10. So basically, when appropriate diagnoses are made and empirically supported treatments are undertaken, psychotherapy can be enormously beneficial in the treatment of a diverse range of psychological and physiological health issues.

Saira Majid is a Resident Psychologist at femmerang’s Mental Wellness Services. She is currently a professor as well.


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