Deconstruction Theory

Deconstruction Theory says that we have learned our behaviors and information not just from our schooling but also our culture and environment. To learn anything new and unique we first need to un-learn the old information first.

We have to deconstruct those behaviors and thought processes and start over again. That is exactly what we are trying to do. We are reconstructing ideas and thought processes. At FemmeRang, we donu2019t want you to just consume knowledge like a sponge. We want you to question the status quo. That’s why we want you to wonder about the big picture, and we want you to think critically about what is happening around you. We want you to bring change from the inside out. Although this theory was created with literature in mind, we will apply it to all areas because any part of life and culture can be deconstructed and built again if one is willing. We will be adding workshops and courses in this section. We update you as we have more information. Please stay tuned on our socials and this website. Thank you, The Femmerang Team.