When someone tells you a story about a girl who was molested at a young age, you feel a sharp pain in your heart. No matter what the age of that girl. When you read in the news that a woman was touched or called names that are not appropriate, your heart hurts for her. You think to yourself, “how does she move on from that? How does she face her everyday life after all this? Now that people know. Now people around her recognize her as that person that those words were spoken to or those acts were done to. What hell must she be living in at this time ?”

You are not wrong to think that. That person is in a special kind of terrible place that no one should ever have to find themselves in; However, they were in an awful hell before speaking out as well. Something else is stinging deep inside, though; it’s not that you are feeling their pain or what has happened to them or the worry of how they will move on. It’s that you remember incidents that have happened to you, perhaps are still happening.

Things people said to you that you weren’t allowed to repeat. Something others are doing to you that you don’t even want to think about ever. When these issues are mentioned about other people you are forced to think about all those times, all those memories that are buried deep down, it is all on the surface now.

You keep listening, hearing, and thinking about everything around you on this topic. Finally, after all this effort, you get the courage to say something. To whom? “My story is not like anyone else’s,” you think to yourself.  No one will really understand or take it seriously. You keep talking yourself into taking this seriously because that’s what those women on social media and TV shows tell you to do. You look around to find someone who will listen, someone who will understand. Maybe you do find that person—such a difficult decision. Life will change forever, won’t it?

You gather yourself and mention your situation. Maybe even make it seem much lighter and less massive than it is. Most of the time, you regret saying anything. Most of the time, you are told you have made a big deal out of a small issue. You are advised that is how boys flirt. You are told not to take it so seriously and just ignore it. You are told to avoid putting yourself in these situations so, and mind your own business; keep to yourself. You are advised never to say anything about this to anyone else. You are told media today is corrupting the youth. There are many other things you are assured that I could keep going on repeating to you here. We have to move on and get to problem-solving now that we know the problem.

What we just talked about has nothing to do with age, class, money, status, or marital status. This has nothing to do with whether one has children. Most women have faced this on some level, and most of us have been reassured that what we met was either not sexual harassment or we need to stay quiet because we will embarrass ourselves and our families.

Here I want to assure you that you will not embarrass anyone.

I am here to listen and offer solutions. I don’t need to know your name. I don’t need even to know your gender if you want to remain anonymous in that manner. I want to help. Throw your questions at me. Tell me what your feeling, thinking. What troubles you? No topic is off-limits. No problem will go unanswered.

We are starting with sexual harassment because we did our FemmeIcon Instagram Live on this topic. We wanted to come full circle and give our audience another chance to voice their opinions and concerns on this issue. If you have other problems you want to discuss, let me know in the comments, I will oblige.

Comment،, like, share, ask away.

Im Always Here.

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