Hi everyone, in the previous article we discussed abandonment issues and their types. Today we will further try to understand another unhealthy negative emotion or feeling which is a belief that others are not treating us fairly. It could also be a belief that life is not treating us fairly. What is HURT? The emotion […]

Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Abandonment

In the previous article, we discussed types of fear and they were fear of abandonment, rejection, or disapproval. Fear of losing oneself or being trapped in pain, loss of self and fear of the unknown.  It took me a while to write on this topic as it is something I struggle with. In the next […]


Hi to all those people struggling to manage their unhealthy emotions. In the previous article we discussed what is hurt? And what the common causes of hurt are. In today’s article we will discover ways to manage this emotion. But before we proceed we need to understand what a grudge is? Imagine while walking you are […]

Types of Anxiety

Three most common types of anxiety By Tooba Tahir Hi, how are you doing? Hope you are doing well. In the previous article, we discussed what is anxiety and the difference between fear and anxiety.  In today’s article, we will explore types of anxiety and end with a small exercise in which you need to […]

What is Barbie doll syndrome?

Hi everyone, how are you? I pray you are doing well. In the previous article, we talked about guilt. And we will explore how to manage the emotions of guilt in later articles. I couldn’t resist sharing about the articles I recently stumbled upon. It was related to unhealthy negative emotions or expectations few people […]

Zero Thinking

Hi everybody, how are you feeling? In the previous article, we discussed what is guilt and types of guilt. If you are struggling with guilt then let’s explore what are the underlining causes regarding it and how can we manage it?  Guilt exists due to the fixed irrational belief that you should have known what […]


Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Prayers for my readers who consciously make effort for their healing and well-being. Today we will be exploring another unhealthy negative emotion. This emotion can be very destructive and lead to self-harm as well. This emotion is linked with the emotion we discussed earlier in the articles, that […]

Zero Thinking

Hi brave soul. Why did I call you brave? Well, you are brave because of two reasons. Number one for reading articles on mental health. That shows you want to learn about yourself and grow. And second, you identified and thought about the things you are ashamed of. And that’s beautiful. A good start.  As […]

What Is Shame?

Hi everyone hopes you are doing well Today we will shed light on another negative emotion that we can relate to in some phase of our life. Are you prone to being affected by what others, in your mind, think of you as a person, but you would love to learn otherwise?. Well, let me […]

Special Edition

Hi everyone, how are my strong and resilient followers doing? Hope you are doing well. And if you are not, it’s okay. It’s completely fine. And if no one has said it to you, you should know that I am super proud of you. I am, genuinely!  Can you believe that we are finally entering […]