Pakistani Drama Quiz 2021

Pakistani Drama Quiz 2021   2021 has already brought a lot of new dramas on our screens along with some continued from 2020. Which ones are you following and how well do you know these dramas? Take the quiz to find out!   What genre is the new drama ‘Chalawa’? Crime Horror  Fantasy    What’s […]

This or That – Fashion Diaries From Ongoing Pakistani Dramas

If you are a Fashionista and someone who loves watching Pakistani dramas then you will enjoy playing this or that.     [IT_EPOLL id=”4244″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4249″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4254″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4258″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4263″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4268″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4274″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4279″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4284″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4288″][/IT_EPOLL] Sanya Mithani is a content writer at Femmerang. She’s a lifestyle Instagram blogger passionate […]

Quiz for All ‘Harry Potter’ Lovers

Lunch with Harry Potter or Dinner with Draco Malfoy?    What would you do in the below situations? Choose either option and know whether you’re having lunch with Harry Potter or dinner with Draco Malfoy!  [IT_EPOLL id=”4192″][/IT_EPOLL]  [IT_EPOLL id=”4199″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4204″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4213″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4216″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4220″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4224″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4228″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”4232″][/IT_EPOLL] If you got […]

THIS OR THAT – Are You a True Pakistani?

Now it’s time to check if you’re a true Pakistani or not! Check the number of times you have clicked (b). If you got: 1-4 – Not really! 5-7 – Somewhat Pakistani (dil se)! 8-10 – True Pakistani! [IT_EPOLL id=”3761″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3765″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3769″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3773″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3776″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3779″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3782″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3785″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL […]

Never have I ever – Pakistani TV edition

Pakistani TV edition Select Your Own Choice and Give Your Notion About These TV Actor’s. [IT_EPOLL id=”3634″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3638″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3641″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3644″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3647″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3650″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3653″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3656″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3659″][/IT_EPOLL][IT_EPOLL id=”3662″][/IT_EPOLL]

Which Harry Potter female wizard are you?

Here are some Quizzes For Which You have to Wait Please Choose Option That Impressed You. [IT_EPOLL id=”3604″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3610″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3613″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3616″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3618″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3620″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3622″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3624″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3626″][/IT_EPOLL] [IT_EPOLL id=”3628″][/IT_EPOLL]