Myth or fact: Mental Health

Let’s bust some Mental Health myths together! Can you spot the false statements? 1. “Mental illnesses are uncommon” a. Myth b. Fact 2. “There are many factors that lead to someone developing a mental disorder including stress, genetics, standard of living” a. Myth b. Fact 3. “Some mental illnesses are short-term and go away with […]

Who will be your chai partner?

We all are totally loving the characters and fast-paced story of Mohlat drama airing on Geo these days. But, we are loving the two male characters from Mohlat even more – Dawar and Essa! Take the below quiz to find out who will you be going to for chai with from the two Mohlat boys! […]

The OST battle This or that?

1. Which Rahat Fateh Ali Khan OST would you pick? a. Mere Paas Tum Ho b. Khaani 2. Choose a suspense drama OST… a. Kashf b. Yeh Dil Mera 3. If I have to pick one Aima Baig’s OST, it would be… a. Do Bol b. Raaz-e-Ulfat 4. In the comedy genre, which OST would […]

Urdu Mahawray Quiz

Can you fill in the blanks with the correct word, to complete the Urdu Mahawara (idioms)? Find the correct answers at the end of the Urdu Mahawray Quiz! 1. Aasman se gira ______ mei atka! Khubani Khajoor Akhrot 2. Ulta chor, kothwal ko ______! Pakre Chore Daante 3. Bandar kya jaane, ______ ka swaad! Lehsun […]

Your next read quiz

Your next read quiz   Which female author’s recent book should you pick up next? Take the below nostalgic quiz to find out!   Which one is your favorite desi snack from childhood?       Chocki Top pops Eyeglass bunties   Which 90s Pakistan television show can you still binge-watch?     Dhoop Kinare […]

Pakistani Drama Quiz 2021

2021 has already brought a lot of new dramas on our screens along with some continued from 2020. Which ones are you following and how well do you know these dramas? Take the Pakistani drama quiz to find out!   1. What genre is the new drama ‘Chalawa’? Crime Horror  Fantasy  2. What’s the name […]

1. Traditionalist brothers dominating over women and enforcing patriarchal norms. Udaari Raqs-e-bismil Aulaad   2. Woman marrying her ideal but still unhappy. Ghalti Durr-e-Shehwar Shehr-e-zaat   3. An egoistic man and a hardworking woman linked by a tragic past. Khuda aur mohobbat Alif Kashf   4. Class difference comes between an old friendship. Daam Ehd-e-wafa […]

What’s worse? This or that?

1. Food: Elaichi in biryani or biscuit breaking in chai? Elaichi in biryani Biscuit breaking in chai   2. Wedding: Tailor ruining your outfit a day before or a zit popping up on the day? Tailor ruining outfit a day before Zit popping on the day   3. Drama: Favorite character dying or favorite couple […]

Quiz for all ‘Harry Potter’ lovers

Lunch with Harry Potter or Dinner with Draco Malfoy? What would you do in the below situations? Choose either option and know whether you’re having lunch with Harry Potter or dinner with Draco Malfoy!   1. Your food order is running late. How do you react? Wait patiently… SCREAM! And call the café for constant […]

This Or That

Are you a true Pakistani? 1. What are you most likely to find inside this box, at your home? Cookies, of course Sui dhaga 2. Found this old tee, what are you going to do with it? Throw it away It was destined to eventually become a ‘pochha’ 3. You’re looking for a plastic shopper, […]