Rabbia Sohail

Born into a Pakistani family, she speaks with the humility and tone one would expect from a daughter raised in our culture. A short conversation with her, however, proves that she is anything but stereotypical. She speaks with confidence of a successful entrepreneur, as she explains the background of her makeup and skin care brand, […]



Faiza Mubeen Faiza Mubeen is a counselor and a part of many projects related to women and mental health. We sat down with her for a live session. We wanted to know about her work and what makes her want to do what she does. Femmerang: What made you decide to go into this line […]

Femmerang’s One on One with Marium Zara


Femmerang’s One on One with Marium Zara Author of Project Illuminae I’m sure you have heard the term calm within a storm. That is the best way to describe this young woman, Marium Zara. She is wise beyond her years. Her work, her passion for what she wants to achieve speaks for themselves. She describes […]

Interview with Tanzila Khan


Inventor of Girlythings.pk Q1) What was your family like while you were growing up? We come from an agricultural, landlord, background. My father served in the army. I have my parents and then I have one elder brother. My brother doesn’t have any disability and my parents, too, Alhumdulillah, are both fine.They have been really […]