Dear HamRaaz

I’ve watched my mother deal with a very abusive husband. He was a decent enough father, still is. But as a husband he was terrible. I am realizing now that he was terrible to my mother. He was loud, rude and sometimes even physically too rough with her. He was harsh with us siblings as […]

Dear Hamraaz

From your ہمراز The purpose for all of us being here is so you can spill your guts. Tell me something you can’t tell anyone else. Tell me something that’s been nagging at you and you haven’t been able to get off your chest. The purpose of this isn’t going to be always to solve […]

Dear Humraaz: Our Mission is to Empower Women

From day 1 mission of femmerang team is to empower women.  All the efforts we are putting into is to bring the most useful and helpful healthcare and fitness tips for all ladies out there. You are very precious you need to learn how to love yourself and know your worth.   From your ہمراز The […]

Should I get married in secret?

Dear         ہمراز My parents want me to marry someone from my baba’s family. I met him years ago. Now I met him again three months ago when they gave the Rishta. He’s not a bad person, but I don’t know him or his family. Everyone is in a hurry to accept the Rishta and say […]

Sexual Harassment

When someone tells you a story about a girl who was molested at a young age, you feel a sharp pain in your heart. No matter what the age of that girl. When you read in the news that a woman was touched or called names that are not appropriate, your heart hurts for her. […]

From Your ہمراز

Mahvish Akhtar Salam friends, we are starting a new section for you that I will be handling myself. I am the founder and CEO of this organization and operation. The purpose of bringing this to all of you is that my team and I want to help you in any way that we can. This […]