Dobara: The ugly side of our society

Dobara: The ugly side of our society

The new star-studded drama serial Dobara is on everyone’s lips these days because of not only its brilliant star cast but also an eye-opening story. This show has unraveled many ugly truths in just a few episodes. What’s the story about? A young girl, Mehrunissa (played by singer turned actor, Hadiqa Kiani), is married off […]

Mehreen Mansoor: The female character we are looking for?

Based on Umera Ahmed’s novel Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, the eponymous drama serial is based on the story of a young girl, Mehreen Mansoor (played by Mahira Khan), who faces childhood trauma, which gravely impacts her adulthood. Despite being a flawed character, I am still rooting for Mehreen and here’s why! 1-She does not […]

Toxic male characters in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3


Airing on Geo TV network, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is probably the one Pakistani drama that everyone from youth to elderly are watching and hyping up these days. But I think, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is getting problematic episode after episode, with not only its plot but its toxic male characters too. Here is my […]

The Maidens A letdown

In 2019, Alex Michaelides stunned all the readers with his thrilling debut, The Silent Patient. All his fans, including me, were eagerly waiting for his next, The Maidens, which was released earlier this month.  Although fast-paced and happening, Alex Michaelides failed to impress me with his new novel despite all the dark academia & Greek […]

Chupke Chupke: The laughter therapy!

      With three new TV shows airing in Ramadan, we are in love with Chupke Chupke starring Ayeza Khan & Osman Khalid Butt, which makes us convulse with laughter with each episode.   We are giving you our top-5 reasons to watch this show!   Meenu ki tabahee! Meet Meenu, the clumsiest girl […]

Tanaa Banaa vs. the realities of our society

Tanaa Banaa vs. the realities of our society

    One of the Ramadan shows, Tanaa Banaa starring Daniyal Zafar and Alizeh Shah is all about the post-marriage life of an ambitious young girl and shows her struggles to balance her studies and home. Here are three such realities that have really stood out for us!    The unhappy saas:   “Dus din […]


Would You Rather 1. Live life as or bring to life, your favorite character from the Urdu novel, for a day? Live life as favorite character Bring to life a favorite character 2. Have no biryani or no chai for the rest of your life? No biryani No chai   3. Go on a family […]

Read A Book Based On Your Favorite Colour

Do you really want to read a book based on your favorite colour  and not sure about which book you should pick up next? Check out the below recommendations based on what your favorite colour signifies! 1. Black: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo:   Colour significance: Power, death and evil Those who love the color […]


Winner of the 2020 (Goodreads) Best Fiction Award, THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY BY MATT HAIG is one book you should definitely read once in your lifetime (no pun intended). Here are the top 5 lessons I learnt after completing this beautiful novel.  P.S: Contains spoilers! 1. Do not regret over what did not happen! We all […]


NEW PAKISTANI DRAMA BREAKING STEREOTYPES What do we normally see in Pakistani dramas? Saas-bahu rivalries? Sisters fighting over one guy? Are lovers not marrying each other?  If no one else, writer Imran Nazir realized that we do not need to see more of these issues on our screens & penned down a fabulous drama like […]