Would You Rather

1. Live life as or bring to life, your favorite character from the Urdu novel, for a day?

  1. Live life as favorite character
  2. Bring to life a favorite character

2. Have no biryani or no chai for the rest of your life?

  1. No biryani
  2. No chai


3. Go on a family vacation to Muree or travel solo to Dubai?

Would You Rather like or not

  1. Family vacay
  2. Travel solo

4. Have the parlour-wali ruin your haircut or your brows?

Would You Rather like or not

  1. Haircut
  2. Brows


5. Have unconcerned relatives who don’t give Eidi or nosy relatives who give Eidi above 10K (each)?

  1. Unconcerned with no Eidi
  2. Nosy with 10K+ Eidi


6. Never get invited to family weddings or have no one attend your wedding?

  1. Never getting invited
  2. No one attending your wedding


7. Never have to pay delivery charges or always get early access to new collections/sales of your favorite brand?

  1. Free shipping
  2. Early access


8. Eat daal chawal every day or never have daal chawal ever in your life?

Would You Rather

  1. Everyday 
  2. Never

9. Be forced to talk to relatives on call for one hour daily or forced to visit them for half an hour daily?

Would You Rather

  1. Talk on call
  2. Visit them


10. Watch one Pakistani drama you don’t like over and over again or never watch movies in your life?

  1. Watch same drama 
  2. No movies ever

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