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13 zodiac signs & zodiac signs personality

1. Aries

An Aries woman is zestful, lively & has a creative side to her. She also (almost) always stays optimistic and has a spellbinding personality. While she loves independence, she might end up making absurd decisions due to her impetuousness, at times.

A perfect movie for an Aries woman therefore would be Shakuntala Devi. This Vidya Balan starrer eponymous biopic revolves around the ‘personal’ life of the world-famous mathematician also known as ‘the human computer’. She knew exactly how to live life without regrets but is freedom really equivalent to happiness?

Shakuntala Devi Movie

2. Leo:

Saying that Leo women are self-loving & confident wouldn’t be wrong. They have the ability to capture attention of everyone when they enter the room. Not only do they have a strong character, they have the biggest heart. But, Leos can be stubborn & one must learn to deal with this side to stay in their good books.

The Bollywood movie that immediately comes up in my mind when talking about Leo women is the Deepika Padukone starrer Piku. She’s independent, poised & determined. This light-hearted dramedy is bound to get you lost in Piku’s world & her endless trivial daily problems, and yet make you fall in love with her character & her story!

Deepika Padukone Piku Movie

3. Cancer:

If I have to describe a cancer woman in three words, they would be: considerate, (too) sensitive and kind. The ‘perfect wife’ or ‘homemaker’, as our society would call her as she always puts her family before everything else. We all secretly wish to have a Cancerian in our lives!

What can be a better movie than Sridevi’s English Vinglish for our Cancer woman who can go to any extent for her family and is just as warm-hearted as Sashi – a character that won’t let the smile disappear from your face for 2 h 14 m!

English Vinglish Movie

4. Pisces:

Pisces women are emotional yet ambitious beings. They must be commended for their patience level and how they turn a blind eye to others’ mistakes. Their forgiving nature is what makes them a bigger person! Nonetheless, while dreaming big is a positive trait of Pisceans, their aspirations often turn into disappointments when they face the real world.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (with tagline ‘larkiyan pilot nahi banti’) is a perfect example of a go-getting Pisces woman who can achieve whatever she sets her mind to, despite the obstacles that come in her way! Saxena, the first female IAF pilot, is a true inspiration for all the young women!

5. Scorpio:

If you ever come across a Scorpio woman, know that you will immediately form a deeper, more meaningful bond with her. Also, she will put her blood & sweat into everything she will do & is equally demanding from you. So make sure to live up to her expectations!

The 2020 movie, Thappad (‘bas itni si baat?’), starring the versatile Taapsee Pannu, is the weekend movie for Scorpio females. Amrita devoted her entire life to her sasural and husband but had it enough & gave up on them after being publicly slapped by her husband, once. I love the dialogue ‘just a slap par maar nahi sakta’ from the movie – so powerful and sums up why we must learn to raise our voices or take stand against any sort of domestic violence, regardless of its magnitude!

Thappad Movie

6. Tauras:

We lowkey want Taurus women to teach us how to choose the right person commit to. Her super powers include seeing right through a person & greeting troubles with a smile. She might sometimes lose her cool but mark my words; she will prove to be the most sincere & trustworthy person you’ll ever come across.

The movie ideal for a Tauras would be Chhapaak, based on the life story of an acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. Despite being a victim of this monstrous crime, we see Malti, our protagonist grow as a strong-minded young woman. She laughs, fights & thrives – everything the attacker could never imagine!


7. Sagittarius:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sagittarians are adventurers! They do not worry about the future & live in the moment. A Sagittarius woman will always keep you entertained with her wittiness and spur-of-the-moment decisions. Next time you make friends, ensure it’s a Sagi!

Don’t these traits remind you of the daring Rani from Queen? Because sure does to me! Free-spirited, always up for an escapade & having no difficulty making friends whatsoever!

Queen Movie

8. Gemini:

Intelligence > Physical appearance. If you want to impress a Gemini woman, you have to connect to and challenge her mentally. She is proud of who she is and will convince you to love yourself too. A true Geminian knows how to play tactically and will defeat you with smartness – better do your homework before arguing with them!

If you’re a Gemini, then the movie, Kahaani, which proves that a woman doesn’t need a man to fight her battles, only some strategic thinking and willpower, is the one for you! The unforeseen end will leave a great impact on you.

Kahaani Movie

9. Virgo:

Beauty with brains is the term coined for Virgos! How can one not envy their perfectionism? A Virgo woman may seem aloof and timid but instead she is analytical and calculated, often mistaken as introversion. She is also the ‘noble person’ who always thinks about the greater good. Virgos are such a blessing!

The movie Raazi, would thus be our Virgo pick! Sehmat’s character fits the definition of an ideal Virgo woman perfectly, who surrendered her life to her country and pulled off a challenging mission through her acumen, while appearing naïve and diffident on the outside.

Raazi Movie

10. Libra:

The symbol (balance) is quite self-explanatory when it comes to Librans. A Libra woman believes in justice and equality. She is in no way shy, rather quite social and outgoing. Also, she is a born leader, familiar well with the human psyche and her own personality.

Did someone say women are the weaker gender? Maybe they don’t know Inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy. Rani Mukherjee’s Mardaani franchise is what a Libra woman should be looking at this weekend. Filled with power-packed performance by the main lead, who breaks all the stereotypes and strives for justice as a lone wolf (if need be)!

Mardaani Movie

11. Capricorn:

A Capricorn woman would keep her feelings to herself and will act unsentimental, even when she’s full of emotions. The obstinate Capricorn would do what she has put her mind to, no matter what it takes (and will most likely succeed in her goals). No one can tell what they thinking – pretty complicated beings!

Capricorns maybe able to resonate with Kaira from Dear Zindagi, to a great extent. While she may emerge as an uncompromising and rude character, there were many layers to her personality, which she managed to conceal. Knowing her might help to know our Capricorns better!

Dear Zindagi Movie

12. Aquarius:

Trying to control an Aquarius woman is never a good idea. Her independence is her strength. She will always find an unconventional way to do things and doesn’t like to follow the norm. Just as fun as an Aquarian is, she is also empathetic but emotions stay on the surface and have no greater significance for her.

The more I think about Aquarians, the more I can see their similarities with Geet from Jab We Met – the character loved by most till date. The Bhatinda ki Sikhni taught us to put ourselves before everyone else & ups and downs are a part of life; ‘aagay kya honay wala hai ispe kisi ka control toh hai nahi, toh aise mei main wohi karti hoon jo mera dil karta hai’ is our new mantra!

Jab We Met Movie

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