Airing on Geo TV network, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is probably the one Pakistani drama that everyone from youth to elderly are watching and hyping up these days. But I think, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is getting problematic episode after episode, with not only its plot but its toxic male characters too.

Here is my list of top 3 such toxic male characters from the drama!

Taufeeq Sahab

Played by Waseem Abbas, Taufeeq has a toxic relationship with his son, Farhad/Feedi where he left no opportunity to belittle him and never showed affection, which eventually led to Feedi feeling incapable and useless.

Can we blame Feedi’s bold step to elope for so-called love on the lack of fatherly love?

Nazim Shah

Our male lead, Feedi, in spite of his jolliness, is the most toxic of them all. The intention of portraying him as a Romeo-style lover has miserably failed.

Whenever I watch his scenes, he is doing nothing but forcing Mahi to fall in love with him, making her risk her dignity and respect. With her constant refusal, we see him emotionally blackmailing her. So not a hero now, is he?

Maybe Feedi does not understand, but the educated awaam that watches Pakistani dramas, knows that no means no and that leaves no room for imposing your own feelings on another.

Nazim Shah

One cannot help but feel nervous when Nazim Shah, played by Sohail Sameer, appears on screen. His intense personality and husky voice do the job!

Despite holding highest regards towards his values and social status, Nazim Shah has a very unhealthy relationship with his sister, Mahi, where he is against her education and discourages her to study further. Like any typical male from Pakistani drama, he just wants her to get settled (AKA marry a rich boy), shattering her dreams.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, so far is a huge disappointment for me, without any moral or message. If you are following this show, let us know your thoughts about this Pakistani drama on Instagram @femmrang

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