The Maidens A letdown

In 2019, Alex Michaelides stunned all the readers with his thrilling debut, The Silent Patient. All his fans, including me, were eagerly waiting for his next, The Maidens, which was released earlier this month.

Although fast-paced and happening, Alex Michaelides failed to impress me with his new novel despite all the dark academia & Greek aesthetics that leave you in awe.

Keep reading to know some reasons why The Maidens was a letdown for me.

Weak characterization

The story revolves around a woman, Mariana, who has recently lost her husband and is now looking to prove a murder. The intention must have been for readers to sympathize with Mariana but all I felt was annoyance and frustration.

The way Mariana was stuck in her past, her indecisiveness, and the way she was dealing with the entire ‘murder’ situation were rather immature and uncalculated. I only saw glimpses of her capability as a protagonist, usually making foolish decisions and in constant need for others approval.

An uncomfortable suspense

Without spoiling the book, I was expecting Alex Michaelides to drop a bombshell with the revelation of the culprit. Sadly, that was not the case.

The murderer turned out to be someone I had guessed all along with a very weak and eerie motive. Moreover, we realize they had an accomplice too, which in itself was an uncomfortable picture and further complicating it with a second narrator.

Unnecessary additions

I am personally not fond of thrillers that introduce characters and events that have nothing to do with the plot.

For instance, in The Maidens, I could not grasp the need for Henry AKA stalker’s character till the end. Just a red herring!

A forced story of a key character

Apart from Mariana and the rest of the gang, there is one more character that’s in the spotlight. The one initially portrayed as the culprit, the handsome, dazzling professor.You do not have to be Sherlock to guess that it can never be him just because that’s the first instinct. Notwithstanding his charming, confident personality,

Michaelides gave him a terrible persona, not thought-out at all rather rushed for the sake of making him look wicked, nonetheless

These were some points that had disappointed me after finishing the book. Have you read The Maidens? Let us know on Instagram @femmerang!

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