One of the Ramadan shows, Tanaa Banaa starring Daniyal Zafar and Alizeh Shah is all about the post-marriage life of an ambitious young girl and shows her struggles to balance her studies and home. Here are three such realities that have really stood out for us! 


  1. The unhappy saas:
    The unhappy saas


“Dus din k liye tum Zoya ko apni beti samjho aur Zain ko damaad, phir dekhna, tumhe Zain mei khamiyan aur Zoya mei khoobiyan nazar anay lagengi!”


Zoya’s (Alizeh Shah) mother-in-law is not happy. While in search of a perfect bahu ‘jo pura ghar sambhalegi’ she found one who wanted to study ahead and complete her MBA. Zoya’s husband, Zain (Daniyal Zafar) fully supports her and that frustrates the MIL even more. Sounds familiar? How many times are girls forced to let go of their dreams and aspirations to fulfill the expectations of their in-laws, even when there are ways out? Countless. Even when Zoya tries to help out in the kitchen, the saas finds flaws in her work and yells at her for petty mistakes. 


  1. The need to justify doing something for your wife:


In a typical joint family, it is easy to get labelled as ‘joru ka gulaam’ if a husband extends help to his wife or goes out of his way for his wife’s comfort. And this is not connotated positively, sadly. In one of the episodes, we saw Zain making up excuses for ordering pizza for his wife who he had upset earlier, trivial but significant. Even when he allowed his wife to study further, his family got offended because he didn’t tell them earlier. Zain is also a constant victim of sarcasm and taunts when he does not bat an eye when Zoya asks him for something. His love being repeatedly degraded to submissiveness to his life partner! 


  1. Uncertainties of a woman:


How saddening is it to see a girl making his future husband sign a contract before marriage, as per which, he will not only allow her to study but also not force her to work at home after studies (which would compromise her results). Is it the lack of trust or the fear a woman has before marrying that all her dreams will be crushed? It’s not surprising because this mindset exists in every other desi household where a girl is stuck between ‘shaadi ke baad karlena’ and ‘shaadi pehle karlena tha’. The pressures from married life (which in itself should ideally be very beautiful), leaves a girl hanging in between. 


But, this drama is just not about the sad realities but also highlights what we should be doing as a society! Here are two of our favorite instances!


  1. Everyone needs appreciation:


Part of the reason for Zoya’s MIL’s frustration was the lack of appreciation from her family. Let alone her birthday that no one remembers, no one has ever been grateful to her for all the work she does rather consider it as her duty. We were brought to tears (of joy) when Zoya surprises her with a bouquet and gift as a token of gratitude. 


  1. Husband helping out his wife:
    Husband helping out his wife


Shahid phupa (Hasan Noman Qureshi) is our favorite character because unlike other male characters, he is not afraid to express love for his wife. He feels no shame in ironing her clothes or helping in the kitchen on behalf of her. He gives her surprises on her birthdays (and she always knows there will be one) and encourages her to work as per her wishes. We all stan Shahid Phupa – he is the new benchmark for ideal husbands!


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