Originally published in 2018, Verity by Colleen Hoover is undoubtedly the strangest thriller I have ever read. Keep scrolling for the complete story and review!


TW (below discussion): Violence, death

Recommended age to read the book: 18+

P.S: This discussion contains spoilers!


1. CoHo and thriller 

Colleen Hoover is known for her romantic novels among the reader community. Hence, Verity took me by surprise because it was a thriller/suspense novel at its core. However, not at all implying the book lacks the CoHo style in any way. The romance element although exaggerated in this particular piece of writing, is what the story demands and CoHo ensured the story gives off the right vibes. Revulsion. Discomfort. Unpleasantness. So kudos to the author for delivering these emotions spot-on! 


2. All the creepy feels…

The story begins with Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, approached to complete the renowned series by Verity Crawford (who unfortunately is no longer capable to do so after her tragic accident). While looking for materials and notes to work on the series, Lowen comes across Verity’s manuscript. Her autobiography. A chain of eerie anecdotes, each worse, more disturbing than the previous is unfolded, chapter-by-chapter. 


A mother who never felt affection for her kids. A woman obsessed with her marriage. A villain of her own story. That’s the image Verity creates of herself in the manuscript. Is she guilty? Regretting her actions? We don’t know yet…


As if that dose of wickedness was not enough, CoHo shoves us with more eccentricity as Verity turns into a murderer (too). Chills ran down my spine as I read about an innocent little human aka Verity’s own daughter, being a victim of such inhumanity. 


3. Verity’s death: 

It is hard for me to digest that Verity managed to fake her (accident) injuries for years without anyone being doubtful. While the whole idea seems far-fetched, what was even more disturbing was Verity’s death itself. Abrupt. Barbaric. Unexpected. 


As Lowen reveals cold-blooded Verity’s true colours in front of Jeremy (Verity’s husband), he is furious. Enough to seek revenge for her daughter’s murder, whom he so dearly loved. Another killing took place in less than a page.  


4. Jeremy: good or shady?

Throughout the story, Jeremy (Verity’s husband) is portrayed as the most naïve character. He is sensible but oblivious. But was his action justified when he avenged his daughter? Or was it an impulsive decision?


This dilemma of a morally white character acting against his standards made me uneasy and anxious. Reading ahead, it was disclosed that Jeremy actually knew about the manuscript all along and was awaiting Verity to gain conscious. Thanks to Lowen, Verity’s act was caught red-handed on camera. However, what was the need to lie and pretend to not know is still unclear. 


5. A staggering end…

What if I told you, everything you’ve learnt about this book and its antagonist till now is false? An end that shook every person who read this book and also known as the soul of it. 

Verity left a letter addressed to Jeremy. A single piece of paper that changed the entire plot. Actually, the manuscript was a mere exercise to write from the point of view of the anti-hero for her books, turning each ordinary or unusual event into an immoral and nasty account. Something that was suggested to her to better her writing a negative perspective and to give her stories an edge and that uniqueness. Misunderstood Verity, questions her husband in that letter (penned pre-death), how did he not trust her wife? 


6.The verdict:


A solid 3.5 stars


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