Just three episodes and we are already mesmerized by the powerful performances and unique storyline of the new drama serial Raqeeb Se. Here are the top 5 reasons why should start watching this beautiful show if you have not already! 


1. Raised an important issue

A few days back, while listening to original OSTs of Pakistani dramas on Soundcloud, I realized that every single one of them had that infamous ‘thappar’ sound in the background, at some point. This made me wonder how slapping or hitting a woman (usually wife) has been normalized in Pakistani dramas. As if dramas are incomplete without violence. 


Raqeeb Se deals with the issue of domestic violence where primary characters emphasise on how this culture should not be promoted, in the early episodes. The character of Maqsood Saheb, remarkably played by none of than Nouman Ijaz, risks his life and leaves the city to save a young girl from her father’s cruelty and gives Sakina, another victim of domestic violence shelter at his own house despite an unpleasant past. 


2. An impressive debut 

As audience, we refuse to believe this is Hadiqa Kiani’s debut serial. The flawlessness of her expressions and dialogue delivery has stunned us. Even when she covered her face with dupatta to hide the scars, we could see guilt, pain and helplessness in her eyes. So vivid and intense!


Also, how can we not appreciate her brilliant makeup that made her entire situation and troubles believable? 

3. An air of mystery

The question remains, ‘what happened 20 years back?’ As audience, we know Sakina and Maqsood Saheb were madly in love but did not get married because Sakina refused to. So, what made Sakina leave her true love and marry a man who gave her nothing but sorrows and left no opportunity to taunt her about her past? 


4. The sisterly bond between Sakina and Hajra

Raqeeb is literally translated to ‘a person who is your rival in love’. 


It is astonishing to see the beautiful bond that has been portrayed between Sakina and Hajra, the supposed raqeebs. Hajra, knowing well about her husband and Sakina’s love story (even teasing them), sympathizes with Sakina and comforts her in this tough phase of her life when no one else did. She asks her to partake in household chores giving us audience a feeling that she does not consider Sakina as a threat. Their conversations always lighten up the atmosphere! 


5. The simplicity of the story

Very often we come across dramas that depict a normal life. No fancy mansions or luxury lifestyles. Raqeeb Se is the drama that shows the simplicity of a middle class household. Be it Hajra Begum confirming with her daughter if she brought large size bread instead of regular one on her way home because they had guests over or Sakina and Hajra casually discussing Maqsood Saheb’s food preferences. Simply beautiful and praise-worthy!


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