Based on Umera Ahmed’s novel Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, the eponymous drama serial is based on the story of a young girl, Mehreen Mansoor (played by Mahira Khan), who faces childhood trauma, which gravely impacts her adulthood. Despite being a flawed character, I am still rooting for Mehreen and here’s why!

1-She does not care about other’s opinions!

Mehreen is hated by her cousin Mashal (played by Kubra Khan), who loves getting the former into trouble and seeing her in pain. Childhood friendship turned into cousin rivalry!

But Mehreen’s mantra is: Ignore and move on! No, she doesn’t try to prove her niceness by being good to Mashal. No, she does do Mashal’s work so she’d like her. No, she is not like any typical protagonist! And I love seeing her take stand for herself!

2. She is financially independent!

Mehreen from Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay drama turns out to be an artist and notwithstanding belonging to a well-off family, she decides to pay her bills by selling her paintings online!

The drama conveys a great message to young girls out there to make use of their talent rather than waiting for a prince charming to save the day!

3. Not your typical roti-dhoti heroine!

A lot of progress was made in just two episodes and one important twist was Mehreen’s mother’s (forced) remarriage after her father’s suicide. The remarriage caused our female lead to become aloof from her mother and their meetings left her upset and troubled.

Shedding tears behind closed doors, in public she comes off as a confident and strong young woman. When her friend asked if she had been weeping, her response was “not every water that comes out of the eye is tear”.

4. Marriage is not the ultimate purpose of her life!

The second episode revealed that Saffan (played by Haroon Shahid), her best friend’s cousin, had proposed to Mehreen. Despite not minding the proposal, Mehreen politely refused saying she is not ready for a commitment. We loved how the character did not go gaga over a boy or the mere fact that ‘rishta aya hai’ but had her priorities set!

5. Prioritized education!

In a country where not even half of its female population is literate, Mehreen’s character is empowering. Being brought up without her parents, father accused of thievery and substance abuse, rebuked by her family, suffering from anxiety, she still pursued her education. Now an MPhil student, we see her excelling in her secular life; winning debates and being a gold medalist.

So what’s stopping those women who are privileged enough to obtain education, from doing so?

Although we love Mahira Khan’s character, Mehreen, in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay drama, we cannot not appreciate Kubra Khan, as a shrewd antagonist and, Usman Mukhar, whose character has an air of mystery to it. Special mention to Omair Rana for a powerful cameo, Zainab Qayyum, Laila Wasti, Haroon Shahid, Huma Nawab and veteran actress Shamim Hilali for delivering amazing performances.

Have you been following the drama? Share your thoughts with us below!

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