Just when we felt the drama was being dragged, Kashf left us speechless with a heartbreaking yet meaningful end. Here are some of our favorite dialogues and instances from the finale.

P.S: For everyone not familiar with the story, the drama revolves around the life of a pious girl, Kashf, who realized her dreams were predictions of the future, leading her greedy family to use this gift for their benefit and earn money from telling others their future.

1. ‘Hota wohi hai, jo Khuda chahta hai’

During the final meeting of Kashf & Wajhdaan, on the rooftop, this one-liner was Kashf’s response to all his complains. We see Wajhdaan, who was now showing symptoms of developing a mental disorder, repeating this phrase continuously (emphasizing upon the message of the drama serial). A profound dialogue that beautifully sums up our lives (and the entire play too – at the end of the day, everything aligned with Kashf’s dreams, in other words, God’s will).

2. Kashf’s final advice to her ‘mureeds’

The last message of Kashf to everyone who visited the aastana for the last time was to pray (‘namaz parho’) and ask God (‘dua maango’) directly, as he listens to everyone. The whole plot was based around Kashf being a mediator between God and his people but she implicitly discloses that God has a direct connection with his creation and this culture (portrayed in the show) should not be promoted.

3. Warning to Zoya

After Zoya (Kashf’s sister) succeeds in marrying Wajhdaan, by wrong means, Kashf warns her that everyone will be left empty handed at the end of the day (‘kisi ke haath kuch nahi ayega’). Despite getting what Zoya desperately wanted, the drama teaches us that one can never find true happiness and peace by obtaining something by hurting others or conspiring against them.

4. Kashf’s peaceful death

The death scene made everyone shed tears with brilliant performance by Hira Mani. The episode began as a preparation of a believer’s death, who had surrendered to God. She offered fajar, wore itar, drank Aab-e-Zam-Zam (holy water) and died in sujood, while offering prayers. A perfect conclusion to the show!

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