December calls for cozy winter nights and Christmas movies. Here are some Holiday Season Movie Recommendations to enjoy this year!

1. Let It, Snow

Holiday Season Movie Recommendations

An adaptation of John Green’s novel ‘Let It Snow’, this movie is a breath of fresh air. The blizzard of a little midwestern town brings strangers together and strengthens the bonds of friendship. Enjoy the festivities of Christmas with Let It Snow and lighten up your mood (no pun intended)!


Watch it on: @Netflix

2. Angels In The Snow

Holiday Season Movie Recommendations

Although this movie will make you SUPER emotional, it is worth it! Though it’s a beautiful storyline, this movie makes you appreciate people around you and spend time with your loved ones this holiday season. 


Watch it on: Hulu, Amazon Prime

3. The Knight Before Christmas

Holiday Season Movie Recommendations

A knight from the middle ages is magically transported to the present time and ends up falling for an ordinary girl (teacher, to be specific) who does not even believe in love, as such. Starring the fabulous Vanessa Hudgens, The Knight Before Christmas is an interesting take on holiday love stories.


Watch it on: Neflix

4. The Holiday Calendar

Holiday Season Movie Recommendations

What’s Christmas without some magic? 

A young woman gets possession of an enchanted advent calendar and whatever’s hidden in each box becomes a reality, the next day! Will this calendar get Abby to the love of her life or end up messing it up for her? 


Watch it on: Netflix

5. A Christmas Prince

Journalism meets fairytale when Amber, a journalist by profession visits the palace to get an insight about Prince Richard, soon to become the King. Will Amber be able to live her fairytale this Christmas or not? 


Watch it on: Netflix



It should be a tradition to watch Home Alone 1 and 2 during every holiday season! The humor still remains unbeatable with Kevin McCallister, the boy with the brain, and Harry & Marv, our favorite villain duo! So, go get your hot cocoa and slide into a cozy blanket and enjoy Kevin saving the day!


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