Watched all the holiday movies we recommended? Wanna switch to reading now but don’t know which book to pick up next? Worry not! We’ve got you covered. 

Below is a rather unusual list of holiday reads. Let us know @femmerang if you read any of them!  

1. Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Christmas is all about love, hope, acceptance, and Wonder manages to convey all these messages through one novel. A heartwarming story about a young boy and his struggles due to his rare facial deformation, this book will bring tears to your eyes while making you count your blessings. Also, it will teach you to never judge people based on their looks, as we are unaware of what they are facing or who they truly are. 

P.S: There’s a movie adaptation by the same title, which you can watch after completing the book too! 

2. If I stay by Gayle Forman

Ever read a book narrated by a dead person? If not, then this is your time to do so. 

If I stay, a book about choices, whether to stay or to leave this world, will put you in a dilemma too. Should Mia’s subconsciously alive self decide to fulfill commitments with her love interest, Adam, and come back to life or join her parents and little brother in heaven (supposedly) after a brutal car accident? It’s her decision to make. This book is capable of making you experience life in between the two worlds. 

P.S: There is a movie of this one too, in case you haven’t watched!

3. The Beginning Of The World In The Middle Of The Night by Jen Campbell:

Although the title is very long, surprisingly, the book is quite short. Based on multiple short stories, this book will give you another perspective about fairytales and renowned myths. 

But what if Jack took those magic beans and planted them inside himself, instead?

Interweaving stories we all grew up with, with contemporary era, Campbell’s unconventional style of story telling makes it a compelling, exciting and cheerful read. 

P.S: How beautiful is that cover. An element from each short story has been illustrated inside the heart – so clever!

4. Caraval by Stephanie Garber:

What’s festivity without some carnival-ish feel? The magical Caraval is an escape from cruel realities of Scarlett and Dontella Dragna. A life-long dream, which might turn into a nightmare; a mere game that would cost someone their life, and a search that might end with a thrilling revelation. There is just so much to explore in 450-pages.

P.S: Especially recommended for those who have read and enjoyed The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

5. A Pocket Full Of Rye by Agatha Christie:

The Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, is your perfect pick for the year-end. Indulge yourself into the crazy case of rye, found in the pockets of Mr. Fortescue, who has been murdered using taxine. This Miss Marple mystery is a definite page-turner that will keep you hooked till the very end and shock you when the killer is unveiled. Inspired by a nursery rhyme, A Pocket Full of Rye, is a case where you will doubt everyone’s intentions. 

Will the most unlikely person turn out to be guilty or was it Mr. Fortescue’s past that was haunting him? Read to know!  

Bonus Agatha Christie recommendation (in case you cannot get enough of her writing): 

Appointment with death – Mrs. Boynton, a controlling woman is found dead while vacationing with her family. Her demise is not mourned by anyone rather turns out to be emancipation from her dominance. 24 hours to solve the case. That is it. And Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgium detective is on it. Will he be successful in revealing who committed this heinous crime?

Sanya Mithani is a content writer at Femmerang. She’s a lifestyle Instagram blogger passionate about books. Follow her on Instagram @bookshelf.and.closet.

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