Recently started drama serial, DUNK THE GOOD THE BAD, has become the new talk of the town with social media debating whether or not this is a ‘morally’ correct topic to be discussed in a country like Pakistan. Where our system fails to give justice to victims of sexual harassment is it prudent to show those 2% false allegation cases (as stated by producer, Fahad Mustafa)? 


Here’s our little analysis of the two episodes, which have aired until now. Let us know what you think about Dunk on Instagram: @femmerang!


The good:

1. The acting:


There is no doubt that Fahad Mustafa has assembled some of the finest actors from our industry for Dunk. While the younger generation of actors impressed us with their powerful emotions and dialogue deliveries, let us not forget some senior artists mesmerizing us with their expressions and acting. Yes, we are talking about Nouman Ijaz’s acting, which is undoubtedly the highlight of Dunk! His facial expressions, body language and graceful style and attitude even in scenes with no dialogues left us speechless. The right blend of rage, guilt, and helplessness, all seen in the actor’s eyes – so natural that we are already taken in two episodes!


2. The direction:


ARY Digital has touched on a very sensitive and unusual topic for their new drama. Credits to Badar Mehmood, whose direction has managed to hold our attention and successfully created an air of mystery. We see tidbits of flashbacks from Professor Humanyun and Amal’s side every now and then, putting us in the constant dilemma of who is right and who is lying. While the story is unfolding new facts, it is not revealing more than it should, to maintain that suspense element. Kuddos!


The bad:

1. The characterization: 


“Tum kyun nahi samjhate usse, bade bhai ho uske!”

This dialogue from the first episode made us cringe. Fahad Sheikh as Bilal Abbas’s younger brother seemed very awkward; some serious characterization issues there! Although Sheikh is a brilliant actor and we do not doubt his ability to do complete justice with this role (after Jalan), it would have been better to either cast him as the younger one or if the story demands otherwise, cast a more mature face. 


2. Repeatedly same roles:


After Darr Khuda Se and Ruswai, we are now seeing Sana Javed as the main lead and supposedly a victim in Dunk, which too revolves around the same topic, sexual harassment. Are you tired of her recurrently picking up the same stories and not exploring other themes despite having so much potential as an actor? Because that’s what we think! Hope she proves us wrong with her acting and role in this one!


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