The new star-studded drama serial Dobara is on everyone’s lips these days because of not only its brilliant star cast but also an eye-opening story. This show has unraveled many ugly truths in just a few episodes.

What’s the story about?

A young girl, Mehrunissa (played by singer turned actor, Hadiqa Kiani), is married off to a man, Hidayatullah (played by Nauman Ijaz), who is 20 years older than her, while she is just a child, as her dying father’s wish. The drama serial commences with Hidayatullah’s death and Mehru’s reflection on her life spent with him, which was clearly not a bed of roses.

What lessons does it teach?

1. A long marriage does not equal to a happy marriage:

Everyone in the family is delusional about Mehru & Hidayat’s relationship – they believed the love was mutual. The reason? They’ve been married for so long & Mehru practically spent her entire life with him being married so young. However, Mehru’s reaction to his death tells us otherwise. As if, she had been emancipated from a life-long sentence. She constantly hints that no one knows anything about her marriage and we see a series of flashbacks showing us her early days of marriage i.e. the start of her imprisonment.

2. Women and expectations:

There’s no denying that marriage changes a girl’s life forever but to what extent? The young Mehrunissa was expected to act like a woman at adolescence. Her husband dictated her life; what she will wear, will do, be called by and even, what music she would listen to. How suffocating would such a life be when someone’s consent, their choices are neglected to such extreme?

3. Age gap in marriage:

The age gap between Hidayatullah & Mehru was quite a lot but the story will take a new twist when Mehru will marry Mahir (played by Bilal Abbas), who is much younger than her. As a society, we hardly ever object an older man marrying a young, beautiful young girl but the same society blackens the name of a woman who opts to marry someone younger. As an audience, we know there will be a lot of hurdles in their marriage, and most importantly, opposition from family. I can’t wait to see how Mehru fights for her happiness and if she actually finds herself with this decision. It will be a great lesson for everyone!

Let us know what stood out for you in these few episodes.

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